Behind the Headshot


Julia Rae

Last week I posted my headshot for Miss New York 2014, which has inspired this: my first venture into the blogosphere! This photo is all thanks to the genius of photographer, Claire Buffie, and the fabulous hair & makeup artist, Lindsey Zelli. (Because unlike Beyoncé, I do not wake up “Flawless.”)

Behind the makeup, great lighting and windblown hair is the real reason I decided to step back on stage and into the world of pageantry.

I am competing for the title of Miss New York 2014 with the goal of living up to another title I have been given —

cystic fibrosis advocate.

I have been speaking to raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis for 7 years.  But for 7 years I have felt like I have only been scratching the surface…standing behind a microphone at events across America while still trying to keep my CF under wraps in certain aspects.  To be completely honest, it is scary terrifying for me to share my personal battle with a chronic lung disease, something I was used to keeping very private for the first 16 years of my life.

Now, I am ready to conquer that fear and jump in.

I feel that it is my personal responsibility to my friends with cystic fibrosis that are fighting for their lives, waiting for or recovering from double lung transplants and for those that face the frustrations of daily breathing treatments and numerous pills with every meal.  I am able to speak up and raise my voice for those facing a tougher battle than me and I am ready to rise to the challenge.

I hope you’ll follow my blog as I share more about living with cystic fibrosis and my efforts to amplify awareness through my quest for the crown.